The following is a list of those who’ve been awarded the Charles Bury Award (previously called the President’s Award) which recognizes both individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to Canadian journalism.

YearWinner(s)Awarding President
2023Dan David, Duncan McCue, Karyn Pugliese, Jody PorterBrent Jolly
2022Sean HernBrent Jolly
2021Fred Vallance-Jones, David McKieBrent Jolly
2020Jerome Turner, Jesse Winter, Amber BrackenKaryn Pugliese
2019Jeremy CohnKaryn Pugliese
2018Marie-Maud DenisNick Taylor-Vaisey
2017APTNNick Taylor-Vaisey
2016Hugo Rodrigues, Paul Schneidereit, Dale BassNick Taylor-Vaisey
2015Atlantic Journalism Awards (AJA)Hugo Rodrigues
2014The Jack Webster FoundationHugo Rodrigues
2013Massey College (accepted by Anna Luengo, Massey College administrator)Hugo Rodrigues
2012J-Source, ProjetJ (The Canadian Journalism Project)Hugo Rodrigues
2011Mary Agnes Welch
2010Mary Agnes Welch
2009Paul Schabas, Peter Jacobsen, Jason Gratl, John Norris (Canada’s media lawyers)Mary Agnes Welch
2008Carleton FreePressMary Agnes Welch
2007Stephen WardPaul Schneidereit
2006Don GibbPaul Schneidereit
2005Robert CribbPaul Schneidereit
2004Zarah Kazemi -PosthumouslyPaul Schneidereit
2003Julian SherRobert Cribb
2002Tom ArnoldRobert Cribb
2001Michel AugerRobert Cribb
2000Charles Bury, Lynne VanLuvenBoni Fox
1999Tara Singh HayerTom Arnold
1998Wendy McLellanTom Arnold
1997The Edmonton Journal – Don McGillivrayTom Arnold
1996Wendy McLellan
1995Donald BabickWendy McLellan
1994David McKieDavid Stewart-Patterson
1993Shirley MuirDavid Stewart-Patterson
1992Denise Davey, Anne BoekmaShirley Muir
1991Shirley Muir
1990Julian Sher