Membership brings you many benefits. Current members are eligible for reduced entry fees to all CAJ events or programs, including our national journalism conference or our annual awards program, which can save hundreds of dollars over the space of a year. Often, non-members can join, pay the appropriate member rate and access membership rates to these events and programs, with the membership fee and member rate still being less than the non-member fees.

The CAJ offers two base categories of membership: regular membership (Class A) and associate membership (Class B).

Within these two base categories, the CAJ offers the following types and rates of membership:

Regular membership

Only regular memberships types (annual, bi-annual, student, income under $30,000) are eligible to receive membership cards, to vote in CAJ meetings and to run for elected CAJ positions. New members must be verified as meeting eligibility requirements before they can log on as members. CAJ staff are notified each time a new membership is purchased and verification usually takes no more than 48 hours.

Annual & bi-annual

  • Annual membership: $75 for each subsequent year after first year
  • Bi-annual membership: $140 every two years after the first two-year period
  • Change requests between annual and bi-annual memberships can be requested to

Income under $30,000

  • $40 per year
  • Proof of income is required
  • Must email each subsequent year to request this rate or membership will renew at regular rate of $75 per year


  • $20 per year
  • Proof of enrollment required each year (to be emailed to or membership will renew at associate rate of $100 per year

Associate membership

Associate memberships are non-voting and associate members are not eligible to receive membership cards, but are eligible for all other benefits and preferential CAJ event and program rates.


  • For those who do not meet the bylaw criteria for regular membership
  • $75 per year

Retired journalist

  • For retired journalists who previously met the bylaw criteria for regular membership
  • $60 per year

Associate membership – CAJ-NCM (New Canadian Media)

  • $30 per year to CAJ + $20 per year to NCM
  • Sign-up for this membership type is done on the New Canadian Media website, who transmits your information to us

Still not convinced?

By signing up for CAJ membership, you are supporting a strong, independent voice for journalists – a national voice on major issues facing Canada’s media profession. The CAJ is a non-profit organization run by and for journalists. When access to information is restricted, when journalists are prevented from doing their jobs, when diversity of media ownership is challenged, when budget cuts affect news integrity, rest assured that the CAJ is here to speak up and support journalists.

We represent journalists across all media, as well as journalism school students, across Canada, from freelancers to those working at small and large media outlets. We do this through:

  • professional development
  • advocacy
  • networking

Through mentorship, training workshops, seminars, conferences, and special caucuses, the CAJ helps you achieve personal excellence in your profession. The CAJ also provides professional recognition through awards for outstanding Canadian journalism.

Please consider becoming a member or supporting our work through a donation today!