Voici une liste de ceux qui ont reçu le Prix Don McGillivray qui reconnaît le meilleur journalisme d’investigation du programme de prix ACJ, publié ou diffusé.

2022Grant Robertson, The Globe and Mail
Inside Hockey Canada’s Secret Funds: The hidden use of registration fees in sexual assault settlements
2021Brittany Guyot and Kathleen Martens, APTN
Surviving Day Schools
2020Tom Cardoso, The Globe and Mail
Bias Behind Bars
2019Craig Silverman, BuzzFeed News
Trap King
2018Laura Kane and Aleksandra Sagan, The Canadian Press
The growing epidemic of drug resistance: The single greatest threat to human health on the planet
2017Robyn Doolittle, Michael Pereira, Jeremy Agius, and Laura Blenkinsop, The Globe and Mail
2016Travis Lupick and Amanda Siebert, The Georgia Straight
A community response: How the worst overdose epidemic in Vancouver’s history left the Downtown Eastside to fend for itself
2015Cate Friesen, Cecil Rosner, Connie Walker, Duncan McCue, Tiar Wilson, Kimberly Ivany, Martha Troian, Chantelle Bellrichard, Joanne Levasseur, Teghan Beaudette, Kristy Hoffman, Donna Lee, Tara Lindemann, William Wolfe-Wyle, Richard Grassley, Michael Leschart, and Michael Pereira, CBC News
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
2014Jennie Russell and Charles Rusnell, CBC Edmonton
Aura of Power
2013Robert Fife, CTV News
Senate Under Scrutiny
2012Tim Bousquet, The Coast
A trust betrayed: Peter Kelly and the estate of Mary Thibeault
2011Steve Buist and Teri Pecoskie, Hamilton Spectator
Born: A Code Red project
2010Steve Buist, Hamilton Spectator
Code Red
2009Gordon Hoekstra, Prince George Citizen
Downtown Fix
2008Steve Buist, Hamilton Spectator
A Pig’s Tale
2007Greg McArthur and Gary Dimmock, The Globe and Mail/Ottawa Citizen
The secret agent who conned the Mounties
2006Fred Vallance-Jones, Robert Cribb, and Tamsin McMahon, Hamilton Spectator, Waterloo Region Record, Toronto Star
Collision course
2005David McKie, Susanne Reber, Sandra Bartlett, Pauline Dakin, Bob Carty, Paddy Moore, and Mike Gordon, CBC Investigative Unit
Prescribed to death
2000Julian Sher, Theresa Burke, and Linden MacIntyre, CBC Fifth Estate
His word against history
1999Andrew McIntosh, National Post
Into the rough
1998Peter Cheney, Toronto Star
1997Will Gibson, The St. Albert & Sturgeon Gazette
Rich man, poor man