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CAJ condemns Alberta’s efforts to discredit climate journalists


The Canadian Association of Journalists condemns all attempts by governments and third-party agencies to discredit the work journalists undertake to cover climate change in Canada.  Numerous journalistic bodies — including the Society of Environmental Journalists — are smeared in a new Government of Alberta-bankrolled report titled A New Global Paradigm: Understanding the Transnational Progressive Movement, the Energy Transition and the Great Transformation Strangling Alberta’s Petroleum Industry. This report was produced as part of the provincial government’s $3.5 million inquiry into international opposition to Alberta’s oilsands. The report argues that journalists are part of a “disturbing” movement to “coordinate and effectively [...]

CAJ condemns Alberta’s efforts to discredit climate journalists2022-11-17T16:44:55-05:00

CAJ: It is every journalist’s responsibility to call out racism – even in their own newsroom


In the wake of the arbitration decision in the matter of CBC vs. CMG on behalf of journalist Ahmar Khan, the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) calls on all Canadian newsrooms to guarantee that journalists can discuss and report on race and racism without reasonable fear of censure or repercussion.  “As journalists, our primary job is to hold uncomfortable but transparent conversations about complicated truths,” said CAJ president Brent Jolly. “The CAJ will always strive to ensure that those who don’t feel they can speak up have a voice in their newsrooms.”  On Jan. 12, an arbitrator ruled that Khan [...]

CAJ: It is every journalist’s responsibility to call out racism – even in their own newsroom2022-11-17T16:47:30-05:00

A sobering week for journalism


Letter sent to members on January 8, 2021 by CAJ President, Brent Jolly.  Dear members, Wednesday's infamous events brought into focus the critical work journalists perform each and every single day around the world, in times of both peace and conflict. It is a journalist’s duty to seek and report the truth, bear witness, and explain complex events so that society can make informed choices.  Regrettably, we have been reminded that a free press is not something we can continually take for granted. It's something we must continue to defend in the face of manufactured outrage and vitriolic epithets that [...]

A sobering week for journalism2022-11-17T16:51:07-05:00
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