OTTAWA / July 13, 2018 —The Canadian Association of Journalists has learned that our colleagues at VICE Canada are facing another round of layoffs. This comes on the heels of Rogers and VICE Canada ending their joint broadcasting venture.

"These are only the most recent examples in a spate of cuts and layoffs in the journalism industry which should and must be a wake-up call to Ottawa and the Federal government," says Karyn Pugliese, President of the Canadian Association of Journalists. "A free and thriving press is a necessity for an informed, healthy democracy."

The Canadian Press is also reporting that 18 workers in the press room of the Victoria Times Columnist are losing their jobs in September.

The CAJ continues to encourage federal and provincial governments to consider taxation and other changes that would entice Canadian businesses to invest here by placing their advertising through Canadian-owned media. We are being challenged by a revenue problem-- and any support to help media raise more revenues will stabilize our sector to the benefit of all Canadians.

The CAJ is Canada's largest national professional organization for journalists from all media, representing nearly 600 members across the country. The CAJ's primary roles are to provide high-quality professional development for its members and public-interest advocacy.

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