TORONTO / August 23, 2018 —The University of Toronto recently refused a media request from the Ubyssey, UBC's official student paper, writing, "due to the high volume of requests we receive we are unable to assist with requests from student media other than our own."

The University of Toronto and other post-secondary institutions must recognize that student journalists are journalists. It's unacceptable for an institution of higher education to avoid accountability by refusing to answer journalists questions. If the university requires more staff to fulfill the basic mandate of its media relations department, the correct way to address that is to hire additional staff, not ignore questions.

"It's unacceptable for our post-secondary institutions to ignore media requests from student journalists," says Evan Balgord, Vice President of the Canadian Association of Journalists. "It's the role of student newspapers to cover their schools and often it's student media that break stories holding these institutions accountable. It's concerning that the University of Toronto is ignoring requests coming from journalists enrolled at other schools."

The CAJ is Canada's largest national professional organization for journalists from all media, representing nearly 600 members across the country. The CAJ's primary roles are to provide high-quality professional development for its members and public-interest advocacy.

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