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You might remember our New Year's message to members vowed to fight for and celebrate journalism in 2017. Well, we're going to start with a little bit of celebration. The CAJ presents its latest awards edition of Media Magazine, edited by the diligent David McKie, an investigative reporter at CBC News who takes time every year to contact award-winning Canadian journalists and ask them to tell the stories behind their powerful journalism.

Find the latest edition of Media here (and to read back issues dating to 1997, click here). The issue goes in-depth on journalism that won both CAJ Awards and National Newspaper Awards in 2016. As McKie reminds us in his opening editorial, these stories had serious impact. Just a sampling:

The Telegraph-Journal forced daycare operations to fire dubious employees, and become more diligent in their criminal background checks. The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network’s work prompted Winnipeg’s mayor to begin asking tough questions about working conditions. And Radio-Canada’s Enquête forced Quebec’s Liberal government to hold an inquiry into the treatment of Indigenous women in Val d’Or.

Anyone who scanned the last year's lists of award winners knows that reporting into the plight of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls won the admiration of judges across the board. The team behind the Toronto Star's Gone series—read it all here—won the CAJ's Open Media award, as well as the NNA for Project of the Year. In Media, the team behind the investigations pulls back the curtain on their reporting—and offers crucial lessons learned for all of us to ponder.

Every story in Media provides an opportunity to learn. In these pages, you'll gain insight into how and why journalists told their stories, but you'll also find invaluable tips and tricks that could strengthen your own work. We're so grateful that journalists continually share their wisdom with peers. As McKie concludes: "Be inspired. Make a difference. These folks did."


A few words of thanks go to the Atkinson Foundation and the Michener Awards Foundation for advertising in Media. Our final thanks is reserved for David McKie, Media's editor who spends countless hours of free time assembling every edition. If you have a sec, tweet him your thanks.

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