Changes to Media magazine: A letter from David McKie

The CAJ is excited to launch a new "In the Field" digital series which will formally replace our longest running publication, Media magazine. Below, Media magazine editor and data-journalist extraordinaire, David McKie talks about the changes.

 Flipping through past editions of Media magazine is like a taking a trip through the milestones of an industry evolving in ways that are still hard to imagine. The publication has gone from paper, to PDF, and back to paper for one special awards edition, only to return to PDF format. Media has tracked the evolution of computer-assisted reporting, data-journalism, investigative journalism, shrinking newsrooms, shrinking news holes and the challenges facing journalism schools.

Though the formats, and themes evolved, what remained constant was the outstanding content, and the scribes who toiled year after year to write thoughtful columns, how-to articles and evocative essays.

Every year, award-winners – CAJ NNA, Michener Award – graced the  pages with accounts of how they got their stories, and advice and encouragement for those seeking to till the same ground.

Even as our business evolves, and the digital space assumes greater primacy, there will always be a space for the kind of thoughtful content I’ve just described. In fact, I’d go one step further and suggest that such content is our lifeblood.

It is because of this belief that the CAJ has decided that though Media content will live on, it won’t be inside the pages of a standard publication. Instead, we will seek to find a wider audience by pushing the content out on social media, allowing folks on Facebook and Twitter to share the content more easily.

So, while this may be goodbye to Media magazine, it is a reaffirmation that the content will live on in ways that will evolve to even more venues (such as podcasts!) So, please stay tuned.

In the meantime, over the next several weeks we’ll be sharing write-ups from CAJ and NNA award-winners on topics such as the escalating opioid use, the still-vexing problem of suicides among veterans and, the sloppiness of some long-term care facilities.  

We look forward to the conversations these stories will generate.

Until the next time.  

David McKie 

David McKie is the long-time editor of Media magazine, a producer in CBC News’ Parliamentary bureau, author of two journalism textbooks, and data journalism teacher at Algonquin College, Carleton University and the University of King’s College. 

From Mindy McAdams' "Job skills for the new media: What you'll need to know to survive online" (1997) to Fred Vallance-Jones' "Bringing the Panama Papers to your doorstep" (2016) you can find it all in the Media mag archive right HERE! 

Stay tuned for our "In the Field" digital series where top journalists will share the stories (and secrets) behind their award-winning works. 

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