Congratulations to all the 2014 CAJ Awards finalists!

OTTAWA, April 30, 2015 /CNW/ – The Canadian Association of Journalists is pleased to announce the finalists for its annual awards for outstanding investigative journalism in Canada for 2014.

The winning entry in most categories will receive a $500 cash prize. The winners in each category will be announced June 6, 2015, at the CAJ Awards gala and conference banquet in Halifax, part of the #CAJ15 conference at the Hotel Atlantica.

Delegates registering for the full conference (June 5-6) in most registration categories get a banquet ticket as part of their registration. Standalone tickets are also available at a cost of $60. Register and purchase tickets today via the conference registration pageEarly bird rates for the conference run until May 22.

New for this year, awards finalists registering for the conference – either one-day plus gala or full conference – are automatically eligible for a 10% discount off the relevant fee. If your organization wants to send more than five finalists to the conference, a 25% discount is available. Contact us to confirm eligibility and register.

The Don McGillivray Award for the best ‘overall’ investigative report for 2014 will also be announced at the awards banquet.

Please note that the media outlet listed is where the finalist worked at the time their entry was broadcast/published or where the particular entry was broadcast/published. Finalists are listed alphabetically by media outlet. Links, where available, have been provided in the titles of the finalists’ entries.

The finalists in the OPEN MEDIA category are:

Keith Gerein
Condition Critical
Edmonton Journal

Jon Wells
The Hamilton Spectator

Robert Cribb
Presumed Guilty
Toronto Star

Marco Chown Oved
Mining and International Aid
Toronto Star / R. James Travers International Corresponding Fellowship

Jayme Poisson, Emily Mathieu, Randy Risling
Sexual Assault on Canadian Campuses
Toronto Star

The finalists in the COMMUNITY MEDIA category are:

Michael Robinson
Evacuation plan leaves some behind
Algonquin Times

Hilary Beaumont
The always-on stalker
Freelancer / The Coast, Halifax, N.S.

David P. Ball
Status: Inside Vancouver’s Sanctuary City Movement
Freelancer /

The finalists in the OPEN BROADCAST FEATURE category are:

Kathleen Martens
Wasting away
APTN Investigates

Ric Esther Bienstock, Felix Golubev, Simcha Jacobovici
Tales from the Organ Trade
Associated Producers Ltd. / Shaw Media

Geoff Leo, Roxanna Woloshyn
Mining for a miracle
CBC News Saskatchewan

Sandie Rinaldo, Litsa Sourtzis, Sarah Stevens
Predator’s playground
CTV – W5

Brennan Leffler, Jennifer Tryon, Jonathan Wong, Elias Campbell, Krysia Collyer, Laurie Few
Out of shadows
Global News – 16X9

The finalists in the OPEN BROADCAST NEWS category are:

Alison Crawford
Operation Snapshot: behind the scenes of a child porn bust
CBC News

Gosie Sawicka, Leif Larsen, Pierre Verriere
Firearms instructor gives certificates after helping students with exam
CBC News Manitoba

Kathy Tomlinson, Enza Uda, Robb Douglas
Foreign workers McJobs
CBC News – The National

Kevin Newman, Litsa Sourtzis, Annie Burns-Pieper
Suicide watch
CTV – W5

The finalists in the COMMUNITY BROADCAST category are:

Charles Rusnell, Jennie Russell
Aura of Power
CBC News Edmonton

Alison Brunette
Challenging hospital policy on medical marijuana use
CBC Radio One – Quebec AM

Abigail Bimman
Who cares?
CTV News Kitchener

Natalie Clancy
Working holiday nightmare
CBC News Vancouver


Steven Rennie
Meet the fire hydrant that makes Toronto the most money from parking tickets
The Canadian Press

Patrick Cain
Here’s the sex offender map Ontario didn’t want you to see

Teri Pecoskie
Keeping Score
The Hamilton Spectator

Robert Cribb, Matthew Cole
Tainted water
Toronto Star

Christine Bennett, Heather Brimicombe, Emma Davie, Catharina de Waal, Ian Froese, Matt Gray, Nicolas Haddad, Braeden Jones, Dave Lostracco, Kendra Lovegrove, Shannon MacDonald, Megan Marrelli, Erin McCabe, Helen Pike, Kelsey Power, Kristie Smith and Jesse Ward
University of King’s College / The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax, N.S.

The finalists in the ONLINE MEDIA category are:

Ashley Terry, Heather Loney, Kevin Buffitt, James Armstrong, Andrew Russell, Carmen Chai, Laura Stone, Amy Minsky, Irene Ogrodnik
Invisible wounds

Umbreen Butt, Britney Dennison, Allison Griner, Emma Smith, Aurora Tejeida, Jimmy Thomson, Carlos Tello, Mike Wallberg, Leif Zapf-Gilje, Peter Klein, David Rummel, Kathryn Gretsinger, Daniel McKinney, Kim Frank, Chantelle Bellrichard, Travis North, Peter Herford, Katelyn Verstraten, Yujuan Xie, Zhenzhen Zhang, Haiyan Wu, Xiaoqing Yang, Xiaohong Lin, Yonglin Yao, Yacong Luo
China’s Generation Green
University of British Columbia International Reporting Program / Toronto Star

Joshua Hergesheimer
This man says Canadians need to know what’s in their government pension plan and what demanding justice cost him
Freelancer / The Vancouver Observer

The finalists in the PHOTOJOURNALISM category are:

Jonathan Hayward
Portfolio entry
The Canadian Press

Larry Wong
Portfolio entry
Edmonton Journal

Darryl Dyck
Portfolio entry
Freelancer / The Canadian Press

Jean Levac
Portfolio entry
Ottawa Citizen

John Lehman
Portfolio entry
The Globe and Mail

The finalists in the SCOOP category are:

Alana Cole, Caroline Barghout
Teens in CFS care in Winnipeg hotels say they’ve seen prostitution, drugs
CBC News Manitoba

Rick MacInnes-Rae, Michael Drapak
How ‘synthetic’ identity fraud costs Canada $1B a year
CBC News – The National

Laurie Graham, Tina Romito, Philip Ling
NDP’s alleged misuse of public funds
CTV News

Andrew MacIntosh, Félix Séguin
Nouvelles Révélations Troublantes sur le Policier Ripou Ian Davidson
Le Journal de Montreal / Agence QMI – Quebecor Media

Kim Bolan
Cartel Connection
Vancouver Sun

The finalists in the DAILY EXCELLENCE category are:

Meghan Grant, Kyle Bakx, Katy Anderson, Jenaya King
Brentwood stabbings
CBC News Calgary

Gary Graves, Jennifer Beard, Paula Waddell, Chris Carter, Janyce McGregor, Robert Russo
Ottawa shooting: Day of chaos leaves soldier, gunman dead
CBC News Ottawa

Janis Mackey Frayer
They would bury the children last
CTV News

Abigail Bimman
Funeral thefts
CTV News Kitchener

Jon Wells
Hamilton wraps its arms around our fallen soldier
The Hamilton Spectator

The finalists in the TEXT FEATURE category are:

Ethan Faber, Phil Hahn
The Search for Ashley and Taylor
CTV News

Margaret Munro
Trouble beneath our feet 
Postmedia News

Jesse McLean
A daughter’s disappearing silhouette
Toronto Star


Trina Roache
Outside the circle
APTN National News

Patrick Cain, Leslie Young, Anna Mehler Paperny
Canada’s Unwanted

Michelle Shephard
In Central African Republic: A Lesson In Hate
Toronto Star

Tanya Talaga
An Afghan boy’s lonely trek to freedom
Toronto Star

Carol Sanders
Nowhere to go
Winnipeg Free Press


Ira Basen
Class Struggle
CBC Radio One – Sunday Edition

Dave Seglins, Gord Westmacott, John Nicol, Heather Evans, Carla Turner, Jeremy MacDonald
Rail fatigue in Canada – A silent peril
CBC News: World Report / CBC  Radio – The Current

Sunny Freeman
The 4,000 kilometre commute
The Huffington Post

Robert Bostelaar
The secret squeeze
Ottawa Citizen

Gordon Hoekstra
Call renewed for justice
Vancouver Sun


Michael Robinson
Lowly, tasty and in trouble again
Algonquin College, Ottawa / Toronto Star

Max Foley, Paulina Liwski, Quinton Amundson
Calgary and The Great War
Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alta. / The Calgary Journal

Janice Paskey, Paul Coates, Ian Tennant, Alyssa Quirico, Lisa Taylor, April Lamb, Riad Kadri, Roxanne Blackwell, Olivia Condon, Brittany Fong, Garrett Harvey, Tiffany Ritz, Quinton Amundson, Kelsey Simpson, Cameron Perrier, Daniel Ball, Lucas Silva, Jordan Kroshinsky, Sarah Comber, Caitlin Clow, Haley Anderson, Ashley Materi, Alexandra Rabbitte, Michael Chan, Danny Luong, Olivia Grecu, Hannah Kost, Jodi Egan, Pauline Zulueta, Krystal Northey, Jenica Foster, Andrew Szekeres, Kerri Martin, Brad Simm
Below grade: Our secondary suites investigation
Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alta. / The Calgary Journal

Danielle Semrau, Hannah Kost
The Vanishing Point
Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alta. / The Calgary Journal

Consistent with information in the entry package instructions, judges had the discretion to name between one and five finalists in each award category. There were a total 235 entries for the 2014 awards program.

Congratulations to all our finalists. Your work has been outstanding and we thank you for entering. We hope to see you in Halifax.

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