Congratulations to all the 2012 CAJ Awards finalists!

OTTAWA, April 8, 2013 /CNW/ – The Canadian Association of Journalists is pleased to announce the full list of finalists for its annual awards for outstanding investigative journalism in Canada for 2012.

The winning entry in most categories will receive a $500 cash prize. The winners in each category will be announced May 4, 2013, at the CAJ Awards gala and conference banquet in Ottawa, part of the #CAJ2013 conference at the Westin Hotel Ottawa.

There are three remaining categories (community newspaper, TV over five minutes and radio news / current affairs) whose results will be announced as soon as possible. Look for another release with the full 15 categories of finalists the week of April 8.

Recipients will be announced by Evan Solomon, host of CBC News Network’s Power and Politics and CBC Radio One’s The House. Delegates registering for the full conference May 3-5 in most registration categories get a banquet ticket as part of their registration. Standalone tickets are also available at a cost of $85. Register and purchase tickets today via the conference registration pageEarly bird rates for the conference end on April 19.

The Don McGillivray Award for the best ‘overall’ investigative report for 2012 will also be announced at the awards banquet.

Please note that the media outlet listed is where the finalist worked at the time their entry was broadcast/published or where the particular entry was broadcast/published. Finalists are listed alphabetically by media outlet.

Finalists in the community newspaper, radio news or current affairs and open television over five minutes runtime are now listed below. We also amended several listings to correct typos and incorrect attributions—our apologies to those whose listings were incorrect.

The finalists in the OPEN NEWSPAPER / WIRE SERVICE category are:

Andrew McIntosh, Kinia Adamczyk
Le Vieux Port en Eaux Troubles: Dépenses, Voyages, Repas, Contrats
Agence QMI

Stephen Maher, Glen McGregor
Dirty election tricks revealed
Postmedia News

Colin Perkel
Sunnybrook Veterans’ Centre
The Canadian Press

Robert Cribb
Life or death: Who decides?
Toronto Star

The finalists in the COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER category are:

Heather Rivers
The sad truth: Prescription drug abuse
Sentinel-Review – Woodstock, Ont.

Tim Bousquet
A trust betrayed
The Coast – Halifax, NS

Susan Gamble
The Chinging Cycle
The Expositor – Brantford, Ont.

David P. Ball
Activism is in the blood, says tar sands warrior

The finalists in the MAGAZINE category are:

Alex Roslin
Japan’s irradiated fish worry B.C. experts
The Georgia Straight

Corinne Cécilia
Une âme universelle
Maison et Demeure

Alison Motluk
Is egg donation dangerous?
Maisonneuve Magazine

Frances Bula
The Tipping Point
Vancouver Magazine

The finalists in the OPEN TELEVISION (UNDER FIVE MINUTES RUNTIME) category are:

Rob Smith
Elder suicide
APTN National News

Joanne Levasseur, Gosia Sawicka, Leif Larsen
Winnipeg thermography clinic ordered to stop operating
CBC News – Manitoba

Natalie Clancy
Bogus Botox
CBC News – Vancouver

Robert Fife, Philip Ling
XL Foods investigation
CTV News

The finalists in the OPEN TELEVISION (OVER FIVE MINUTES RUNTIME) category are:

Gil Shochat, Alex Shprinsten, Joseph Loiero
Fatal Deception
CBC News – Investigative Unit

Andeas Wesley, Erica Johnson, Marlene McArdle, Alan Jones
What FX?
CBC News – Marketplace

Litsa Sourtzis, Sandie Rinaldo, Melissa Martin
Senior’s Moments
CTV – W5

Alain Gravel, Emmanuel Marchand, Daniel Tremblay
Ma Mafia au Canada
Radio-Canada – Enquête

The finalists in the REGIONAL TELEVISION category are:

Anthony Germain, Gary Quigley, Marilyn Boone, Heather Barrett, Peter Gullage, Bernice Hillier
A story of survival
CBC News – Newfoundland and Labrador

John Lancaster, Anu Singh
Murder of Dr. Goel
CBC News – Toronto

Melissa Brousseau
Breaking the mold
CBC North – Maamuitaau

The finalists in the OPEN RADIO NEWS OR CURRENT AFFAIRS category are:

Peter Cowan
Peter Penashue election spending problems
CBC News – Newfoundland and Labrador

Nancy Thomson
Yukon foreign workers
CBC North

Alison Motluk
Wanted: Egg donor in good health
CBC Radio – The Sunday Edition

Nicole Ireland
Citizenship: On hold
CBC News – Thunder Bay


Leslie Young, Jackson Proskow
Gardiner Expressway – Trouble overhead
Global News

Steve Buist
Condition critical
Hamilton Spectator

Jeff Outhit
Red alert / Cameras about safety not cash, politicians say
Waterloo Region Record

The finalists in the PHOTOJOURNALISM category are:

Larry Wong
Edmonton Journal

Darryl Dyck
Freelance / The Canadian Press

Peter Power
Globe and Mail

Steve Russell
Toronto Star

The finalists in the SCOOP category are:

Nigel Newlove
Deleted Blackberry messages
APTN  National News

Amy Stoodley, Kathy Porter, Rob Antle, Jen White, Paul Pickett
Thermography investigation
CBC News – Newfoundland and Labrador

Margaret Munro
Scientist muzzled, report says
Postmedia News

Jim Bronskill
Canada’s torture memos
The Canadian Press

Steve Rennie
Sky’s the limit? Report alleges nursing station used medical flights to shop
The Canadian Press

The finalists in the DAILY EXCELLENCE category are:

Mark Gollom
Israel and Hamas, the diplomatic dance behind the deal

Nancy Waugh
Teen in chains
CBC News – Nova Scotia

John Lancaster, Christopher Williams
Caught on tape
CBC News – Toronto

Kim Bolan
Brazen killing may be gang retaliation / Sandip Duhre was shot to death
Vancouver Sun

The finalists in the PRINT FEATURE category are:

Sharon Kirkey
When the hurting won’t stop: How chronic physical pain drove a teen to take his life
Postmedia News

Jon Wells
He sang with all his heart
Hamilton Spectator

Dawn Walton
A father’s one-on-one with his son’s kidnapper
The Globe and Mail

Cheryl Rossi
Liquor lifeline
Vancouver Courier


Diana Swain, Timothy Sawa, Annie Burns-Pieper
Unnatural selection
CBC News – Investigative team

Geoff Leo
Blind spot: What happened to Canada’s Aboriginal fathers?
CBC News Network

Nahlah Ayed, Diane Grant
Seeking safety
CBC News – The National


Greig de Peuter, Nicole Cohen, Enda Brophy
Interns, unite! (you have nothing to lose – literally)

Lysanne Louter, Adrienne Arsenault
A murky world
CBC News – The National

Kathryn May
Unions see a war coming in shifting political landscape
Ottawa Citizen


Amar Shah, Derrick DeBolster
Voter apathy in Ontario
RogersTV London, Ont. / Fanshawe College

Carly Wignes
Treaty Troubles / Langara College

Marc Ellison
The Girls of War
Toronto Star / Carleton University

Andrew Pickup, Gena Holley, Kate McKenna, Rachel Ward, Blair Barrington, Jennifer MacNeil, Molly Gibson-Kirby, Ernie Robinson, Matt Mabee, Emma Lavender, Aaron MacDonald, Troy Power, Matt Jamieson, Connor Balcome, Jon Bolduc, Kendra Lovegrove, Mackenzie Scrimshaw, Alison Chiang, Becky Dingwell, Keili Bartlett, Chelsea Gutzman, Philippa Wolff and others
University of King’s College / Nova Scotia Community College

Consistent with information in the entry package instructions, judges had the discretion to name between one and five finalists in each award category. There were a total 177 entries for the 2012 awards program.

Congratulations to all our finalists. Your work has been outstanding and we thank you for entering. We hope to see you in Ottawa.

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