FOI Friday: ATIP Basics with Murad Hemmadi


As Ottawa correspondent for The Logic, Murad has used federal freedom-of-information requests to shed light on how multi-billion-dollar government programs spend money, chart the development of policies in areas like quantum computing and electric vehicles, and even break news of Amazon bringing its new broadcast alternative to Canada. Join him virtually to learn the basics of getting information out of government bodies.

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Murad will offer a crash-course in how to use the federal Access to Information system, including how to word requests, track files, and negotiate with FOI officers. He'll go over the basics of both briefing-note requests (the most important file type you've never heard of!) and targeted ones, as well as taking audience questions.

Please note this event will focus on the federal government, and is best suited for journalists who have never completed an FOI or ATIP request, or have only done a handful of them. The presentation will reflect the current platforms used to file requests, which have changed over the past year. Murad will also share some templates and resources.

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