OTTAWA / May 17, 2019 / CNW—The Canadian Association of Journalists is pleased to welcome the following four Canadian journalists to the CAJ board of directors for the 2019-2021 term:

Mick Côté – Quebec regional director

Mick Côté is a digital journalist based in Montreal, QC. His work has largely focused on audience engagement, content strategy and newsroom innovation. A graduate of the Masters of Journalism programme at the University of King’s College, Mick has worked in several newsrooms including CTV, CBC, The Montreal Gazette. Most recently, he has been leading La Presse canadienne’s digital efforts.

Jason Markusoff – Alberta regional director

Jason ‎Markusoff writes about Alberta and parts beyond as a staff correspondent for Maclean’s magazine. His journalism has won a CAJ award and a National Magazine Award. He previously reported for the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal, and the Prime Minister once cribbed a Twitter joke of his in a speech.

Ken Partridge – National director

Ken Partridge is the managing editor of Advocate Media Inc. in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he is responsible for news teams across the province, producing both community newspapers and glossy magazines. A graduate of the journalism program at the University of King’s College, Ken started his career as a community news reporter in Yarmouth covering everything from court to sports. He has spent the largest portion of his career to date as a business reporter covering issues across Nova Scotia and the region.

Fatima Sayed – National director

Fatima Syed is the Toronto reporter for National Observer, with an eye for environment, urban affairs and political affairs. She was previously at the Toronto Star and The Walrus, and is the author of a chapter in the books "Subdivided: City Building in an Age of Hyper-diversity" and "House Divided."

The CAJ would like to thank our outgoing board members Anastasiya Jogal, Manjeet Singh Atthwal, David Thurton and Karim Zidan for their dedicated contributions to supporting Canadian journalists during their time on the CAJ board of directors.

For a full list of our current board members see here.

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