Call for entries for the 2016 CAJ Awards

It’s with pleasure that the Canadian Association of Journalists invites entries for its annual awards program — which includes Canada’s top investigative award, the Don McGillivray Award.

The application deadline for the CAJ Awards is Jan. 13, 2017.

The deadline for the CAJ / CNW Group Student Award of Excellence is Feb. 24, 2017.

Click here to submit an entry into the CAJ Awards.

Finalists should be announced by the end of March, with the awards presented during the CAJ conference in Ottawa, April 28-29, 2017.

Please download the information packages and posters you need below. This information is also available on this page of this site.

The entry packages:

To enter, visit our submission portal. Click on the link that says “To enter the 2016 CAJ Awards, click here” and follow the step-by-step process to set up an entry account and submit your entry(ies).

NEW this year! The CAJ is pleased to partner with the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma to help promote the forum's Mindset Award for Workplace Mental Health Reporting, which has a separate application process and eligibility rules.

The inaugural presentation of the forum's Mindset Award for Workplace Mental Health Reporting will take place during the 2017 CAJ conference. A full-resolution version of this poster on the left is available in the CAJ Awards - Full package download above.

Fees remain unchanged for the 2016 program!  The fee structure recognizes many entries are done by teams of journalists, often a combination of of CAJ members and non-members. To become a member, register online here. Teams pay fees based on whether all people are CAJ members or not.

Please note the fee structure. All fees below include HST:

  • member fee – $30
  • non-member fee – $110
  • Student award entry (CAJ student members only) – FREE
  • Student entries into other categories – $25
  • Team entry for CAJ members – $60
  • Team entry non-members – $200

Good luck to all entrants!

Some notes on how to enter using the online submission website:

  • Before you go to the entry site, please consider the entry categories and what you wish to submit. Collating and collecting relevant files, links and the supporting letter is encouraged prior to logging in.
  • Before submitting your entry(ies), you will need to create a submission account. Do this by clicking “To enter the 2016 CAJ Awards click here.” Enter your email to begin the process. If you entered a submission last year, you already have an account. Please use password recovery if you’re unable to login.
  • You can then begin uploading entries. Follow the page-by-page prompts to complete each of the forms tied to each entry.
  • On the first entry submission screen, please be sure to enter accurate information about the entrant and entry — these fields are used to apply the correct entry fee(s) and if entered incorrectly could result in payment of the wrong amount.
  • The first screen for submitting your entry covers details about the entry; the secondallows you to attach files; and the third allows for URL submissions. You are then taken to confirmation screens. To pay, “checkout” from your cart.
  • The system allows uploads of a supporting letter and up to 20 files in a wide variety of formats, including video and audio files.
  • You can enter up to five URLs for online work or for streaming video/audio. Please ensure the links remain accessible and functional throughout the judging period (beginning of April).
  • Payment is done via integrated PayPal option. Fees are calculated and paid without leaving the entry site. Please double check your fee calculation to ensure you are paying the correct fee. If the incorrect fee appears, please DO NOT finalize your entry. Contact us to resolve the matter.
  • If you run into any difficulties through the process and/or have any questions, please email us.

Questions? Please contact the CAJ Awards committee.

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