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Objects of policy:
a) That chapters be managed in such a way that a report on regional activity and finances can be presented to each AGM.
b) That the CAJ and the chapter recognize the assets of the chapter form part of the assets of the corporation, as do any liabilities incurred on behalf of the CAJ by the chapter.

Practice is:
i) As a chapter becomes established, it can request a seed fund. The approval of seed funding and the amount is to be approved by the CAJ board of directors. At the end of each year, the chapter announces its bank balance. Should the chapter have enough assets to do so, the CAJ board may request the repayment of the seed funding.
ii) If there is a deficit, a plan to make it up (more money from Ottawa, local fundraising) or to dismantle the chapter is put in place.
iii) If there is no one willing to take on responsibility, account(s) must be closed and funds returned to the CAJ.


Chapters are encouraged to structure their event fees to recognize existing members and encourage membership growth within the chapter area.


No events or activities sponsored in whole or in part by the CAJ shall be off-the-record except with the prior approval of the president.


a) The CAJ does not pay speakers’ fees for its events, except with the approval of the board of directors.
b) Invited workshop leaders, keynote speakers and the awards night MC are to be asked if their employer would cover travel and accommodation costs to present at a CAJ event. If the invited person’s employer will not do so, the CAJ may cover eligible travel and accommodation costs, provided those expenses do not exceed the conference travel and accommodation budget set by the CAJ treasurer and president. CAJ events will budget for travel and accommodation out of event revenue to cover these costs. Travel and accommodation for these persons are to be either booked by the CAJ directly or reimbursed by the CAJ provided the CAJ has approved the amount to be reimbursed prior to booking.
c) Panelists’ travel and accommodation costs are not eligible, unless individual exceptions are approved by the CAJ treasurer and president.
d) Per diems (meals, taxis, etc.) for all presenters at CAJ events are not eligible for reimbursement, unless individual exceptions are authorized by the CAJ treasurer and president.


The following policy has been developed with the principles of fairness, evenness and avoidance of conflict of interest in mind. It will allow equal access to everyone interested in gaining employment and the terms of condition of such employment with the Canadian Association of Journalists.
a) The board of directors shall have sole responsibility for the hiring, firing and assessment of the association’s executive director or, if there is no executive director, any contracted worker.
b) The board may, at its discretion, strike up a sub-committee of the board aided by expert outsiders, if deemed necessary, when the hiring process for a new executive director begins.
c) The outgoing executive director may submit in writing and or part of an interview his/her thoughts on the qualifications and skills needed by a new executive director. He or she may advise the CAJ board during the hiring and interview process but shall not be involved nor have a vote.
d) The executive director shall have the authority to hire part-time staff ensuring such hirings meet the association’s budget as approved by the CAJ board.
e) CAJ contracts over the value of $5000 will be publicized and board members and their families may apply with full disclosure according to Section 39 of the CAJ bylaws.
f) All part-time job descriptions may be drafted by the executive director who can call upon outside help if needed. Such descriptions must receive final approval by the board before being put in place.
g) All contracts shall have a starting and terminating date. They also should include salary level, salary progression if any, lines of authority, responsibilities, reporting relationships, benefits, work hours.

Approved by the CAJ board of directors – March 30, 2012

Amended by the CAJ board of directors – June 20-21, 2015 and Sept. 26, 2015

Adopted at the 2012 annual meeting – April 29, 2012