From audio-transcription services to discounts on home, health and auto insurance, the CAJ membership committee works hard to offer CAJ members a roster of perks that can help save money and keep you well. Benefits are available to CAJ members in good standing. Contact us for details and discount codes!


  • Free 14-day trial and 25% off subscription to Authory

  • 25% off web-based mental health services through BetterHelp.

  • Free Perkopolis account. 

  • 25% off audio-transcription services through Otter AI.

  • Free data extraction and file conversion from Cometdocs.





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By signing up for CAJ membership, you are supporting a strong, independent voice for journalists—a national voice on major issues facing Canada's media profession. The CAJ is a non-profit organization run by and for journalists. When access to information is restricted, when journalists are prevented from doing their jobs, when diversity of media ownership is challenged, when budget cuts affect news integrity, rest assured that the CAJ is here to speak up and support journalists. 

We represent hundreds of journalists across all media, as well as journalism school students, across Canada, from freelancers to those working at small and large media outlets.  We do this through:

  • Professional Development 

  • Advocacy

  • Networking

Through mentorship, training workshops, seminars, conferences and special caucuses, the CAJ helps you achieve personal excellence in your profession. The CAJ also provides professional recognition through awards for outstanding Canadian journalism.

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