active membership RATES

Those who sign up for active membership are subject to membership eligibility requirements and the following annual membership dues:

  • First-time member – One year – $45

  • First-time member – Two years – $90

  • Regular member – One year – $75

  • Regular member – Two years – $140

  • Income less than $30,000/annum – $40 per year

  • Student – $20 per year

Only active members are eligible to a) receive membership cards and b) vote in CAJ meetings and/or run for elected positions on chapter executives or the CAJ board of directors. All other membership categories are non-voting.

To register online, please click here to access our registration portalPlease note, new active members (journalists) must still be verified as meeting eligibility requirements before they can log on as members. Our administrator is notified each time a new membership is purchased. Verification usually takes no more than 48 hours.

If you do not wish to pay online, please complete the online form and select payment by cash / cheque / money order. The registration system will provide a form for you to print and mail in with your payment. 

If you would like to have a photo included on your membership card you must email one to [email protected] at the time of purchase. Please use the file format: LastName_FirstName.jpg.


Associate (non-journalist) MEMBERSHIP

Associate memberships are non-voting and associate members are not eligible to receive membership cards.

  • Associate (Non-journalist) – $100 per year –Non-voting, not eligible for membership card

  • Retired journalist / over 65 – $60 per year–Non-voting, not eligible for membership card



Membership brings you many benefits including group rates on health, dental and home insurance through Manulife and thePersonal. Current members gain reduced entry fees to all CAJ events, including our national journalism conference, which can save hundreds of dollars over the space of a year. Often, non-members can join, pay the appropriate member rate and access membership rates to these events, with the membership fee and member rate still being less than the non-member entry.