CAJ Membership Cards

The CAJ provides its active members with the opportunity to request a plastic membership card as a tangible showing of membership in our association.

The cards are available by request only and cost $8 plus HST. Members can request a card when they sign up or renew a membership by choosing the appropriate registration that includes a membership card.

Current active members may login and purchase a membership card here.

Please note the cards acknowledge that you are a member in good standing. They are not designed for the purposes of accreditation or any other scenario where press ID is required.

CAJ member card with photo.

CAJ member card with photo.

Photo or non-photo: 
We offer the option of a photo or non-photo card.

Members who would like a photo card must send a photo, by e-mail to [email protected], by the end of the calendar month in which they requested a card. If they do not submit a photo in that time, a non-photo card will be issued.  See samples of the cards at right. 

Replacement cards cost $10.

Cards will be mailed to the address provided in the registration form. If more than one address is provided, unless otherwise requested, the card will be sent to the home address.

We issue membership cards to regular (journalist) members, which includes student members. Associate members, including retired journalists, are not eligible for a card. Find more information about membership categories here.  

CAJ member card without a photo.

Sign up for membership here.