We are seeking 40 stories that reflect on journalism and/or the Canadian Association of Journalists as we celebrate our 40th anniversary.

The organization started 40 years ago with a group of journalists concerned about the future of journalism, particularly the struggles to have a vigorous, investigative thrust. Forty years later, those concerns remain and for many seem heightened.

Let’s share thoughts on those issues, but also the successes and failures of the past 40 years, stories big and small, that remind us why this organization – and journalism – is so vital.

We're going to run them here and promote them on social media. We would like to start publishing them as soon as possible, but it’s an ongoing effort.

But that’s details. Please help. Please don’t procrastinate. Give yourself a deadline that makes sense for you and share your story.

To submit, please email it to: [email protected].


CAJ40: 40 stories for 40 years