Registration is currently open for the two-day #CAJ19 conference, with fees starting at $250 plus HST for CAJ members for the full weekend, including a ticket to the conference banquet and gala. Rates for unemployed journalists and CAJ student members start at $50. Discounts are available for CAJ Award finalists as well those registering in a group. These early bird rates will rise on April 26.


George Abraham (New Canadian Media)

Jim Acosta (CNN)

Kalli Anderson (Freelance)

Loizza Aquino

David Asper

Tamara Baluja (UBC/Michener Deacon Fellow in Journalism Education)

Caroline Barghout (CBC)

Paul Barnsley (APTN)

Mary Ann Baynton

Jessica Botelho-Urbanski (Winnipeg Free Press)

Justin Brake (APTN)

Erin Brohman (CBC)

Jesse Brown (Canadaland)

Graeme Bruce (Winnipeg Free Press)

Heather Bryant (Project Facet)

Geoff Budden

Emily Cain (Red River College)

Chloe Chafe (Synonym Art Consultation)

Michael Champagne

Bettina Chang (City Bureau)

Dylan Cohen

Jeremy Cohn

Cuyler Cotton (SL40)

Tim Currie (King's College)

Dan David

Mike Deal (Winnipeg Free Press)

Kelly Dehn (Winnipeg Police Service)

Sunny Dhillon (Freelance)

Marc Dinsdale

Andray Domise

Camille Dundas (ByBlacks/Hootsuite)

Toban Dyck (Financial Post)

Andrew Eastman (Synonym Art Consultation)

Amira Elghawaby

Irwin Elman

Ramon Escobar (CNN)

Yellow Vests Canada Exposed

Sheri Fandrey (Addictions Foundation of Manitoba)

Tim Fontaine (Walking Eagle News)

Dawna Friesen (Global News)


Don Genova

Gabrielle Giroday

Doug Grant

Shari Graydon (Informed Opinions)

Kathryn Gretsinger (UBC)

San Grewal (The Pointer)

Brittany Guyot

Chuck Haga

Laurie Hamelin

Adrian Harewood (CBC)

Rick Harp (Media Indigena)

Dr. Joanna Henderson

Leah Hennel (Freelance)

Sean Holman (Mount Royal University)

John Hueston 

James Jewell

Brent Jolly (National NewsMedia Council)

Trish Jordan

Carl Karp (Formerly CBC, retired)

Joanne Kelly (Red River College)

Bartley Kives (CBC)

Ainsley Krone Deputy Advocate, Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth

Shauna Labman (University of Manitoba)

Justin Ling (Freelance)

Vanessa Loewen (First Contact)

Asmaa Malik (Ryerson University)

Jacques Marcoux (CBC)

Kathleen Martens (APTN)

Cheryl McKenzie (APTN)

David McKie (CBC)

Ryan McMahon

David Milgaard (Innocence Canada)

Lenard Monkman (CBC)

Alison Motluk (Freelance)

Kevin Newman (CTV)

Valerie Ouellet (CBC)

Karen Pauls (CBC)

Matthew Pearson (Carleton University)

Michael Pereira (Globe and Mail)

Colin Perkel (The Canadian Press)

Pat Perkel (National NewsMedia Council)

Curt Petrovich (CBC)

André Picard (Globe and Mail)

Jayme Poisson (CBC)

Jana Pruden (Globe and Mail)

Victoria Ptashnick

Rosemary Quipp (Aga Khan Foundation)

Aditya Rao

Chief Redsky (SL40)

Daryl Redsky (SL40)

Natasha Reimer

Ashley Robinson (Bloomberg News)

Cecil Rosner (CBC)

Diane Roussin (Winnipeg Boldness)

Nancy Rubin

Jason Salares

Lindsay Sample (Discourse)

Zane Schwartz (The Logic)

Erin Seatter

Julian Sher (CBC)

Rob Smith (APTN)

Bob Sokalski

Angela Sterritt (CBC)

Nadia Stewart (Global News)

Robert Tapper

Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Ryan Thorpe

David Thurton (CBC)

JaniceTibbetts (Carleton University)

Paula Todd

James Turner (Red River College)

Fred Vallance-Jones (King's College)

Shannon VanRaes

Jill Verwey

H.G. Watson (TVO)

Lindsey Wiebe (The New York Times)

Helena Wood



This year we dive deep into how the idea of community is wholly intertwined within journalism’s DNA. We will be joined by Bettina Chang, one of the co-founders of Chicago-based City Bureau. She will give a keynote address on how her upstart organization is re-imagining local news by bringing journalists and communities together. Ramon Escobar, vice president of recruitment at CNN will tell us how they’re tackling newsroom diversity and the challenges faced along the way.

This year’s CAJ conference takes place May 3-5 at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. Travel and accommodation discounts available here

As always, the CAJ will be continuing its tradition of offering delegates hands-on workshops lead by masters of their craft.

Plus! The data-journalism stream is back this year and led by industry expert Fred Vallance-Jones. These workshops will cover everything from how to find a good data set to unearthing an incredible story out of numbers.

CAJ19 speakers

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