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Final briefing on news blackouts


News Blackouts panel members:  Ethan Faber (Chair), Sadia Zamanm, Ivor Shapiro The Ethics Committee of the CAJ asked this panel to explore the following questions posed by the CAJ's Board: Under what circumstances should outlets agree to news blackouts like the one media agreed to on the Mellissa Fung kidnapping? What are the pitfalls, what questions should editors ask, is there a different standard that should be applied to journalists as opposed to other kidnap victims? To study this issue, the panel looked into several cases of abductions and hostage-taking involving journalists and non-journalists where blackouts were requested or not, [...]

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Protection of sources


From: CAJ Ethics Committee Re:  Protection of Sources  November 10, 2009 The Board’s referral: How far should reporters go to protect their sources and are there any cases in which it is acceptable or morally advisable to reveal a source? For example, thinking of the Maher Arar case and possibly the Charkaoui case that the Montreal Gazette is involved in, if CSIS or the RCMP or some government agency has leaked erroneous information to discredit someone, is a reporter’s obligation or promise to keep a source confidential rendered void? This question, along with a private members bill on source protection [...]

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