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Protecting the public’s right to know since 1978.

The CAJ is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides advocacy and professional development for journalists across Canada.

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We speak on behalf of journalists and in support of exemplary journalism.

We speak on behalf of journalists, and in their interest, on matters including source protection, freedom of information and access to information, public disclosure, and diversity of voices. We speak in support of the highest quality journalism. For full details on our advocacy efforts, head to our Advocacy page.

Annual awards program recognizing the best in Canadian journalism.

The CAJ’s annual awards program recognizes the best in Canadian journalism with a particular focus on investigative work. Entries are welcome from any practising journalist whose work has been published or broadcast in Canada. For full details of the program, head to our Awards program page.

Advisory Committee that considers and advises on ethical journalism issues.

The CAJ’s ethics advisory committee considers and provides advice on ethical issues faced by Canadian journalists through the course of their regular work. Members are appointed by the CAJ’s national board of directors, and the chair(s) are appointed by the board from among the committee’s members. For full details on our ethics work, head to our Ethics page.

National and regional professional development and networking events.

The CAJ holds professional development and networking events including an annual national journalism conference and regional events to help you stay up to date. For full details on our professional development efforts, head to our annual conferences page or our events listing on our home page.

A program that pairs CAJ members with established journalism professionals.

The CAJ’s mentorship program pairs members with established professionals working in radio, television, digital, and print publications across the country. Student journalists, those starting their career, and professionals at any career stage looking to develop new skills are encouraged to apply. The program runs 2-3 times per year. For full details on the program, head to our Mentorship Program page.

A varied line-up of perks that help save money and keep you well.

From audio-transcription services to discounts on home and auto insurance, the CAJ membership committee works hard to offer CAJ members a roster of perks that can help with your work, save you money, and keep you well. Benefits are available to CAJ members in good standing. For a listing of available benefits, head to our Membership Benefits page.

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