Lagging behind: CAJ VP testifies before #cdnfoi committee on Parliament Hill

Yesterday, CAJ Vice-President and #cdnfoi expert Sean Holman spoke before the federal Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics. Read the CAJ’s submission to the committee.

Holman urged committee members to take seriously the concrete recommendations that Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault made in a damning 2015 report , but he said the government must go further. At the heart of the problem, Holman said, is Canada’s political culture and system, which has always favoured secrecy over openness – something that shaped the Access to Information Act and continues to inform the response that publically-funded bodies have to public scrutiny.

Access to government information is essential for journalists if we want to do more than repeat government and opposition propaganda,” says Holman. “Unfortunately, Canada has always been and continues to be a laggard when it comes to that kind of access. The recommendations we’ve made to the committee would change that.”

We live-tweeted Holman’s testimony:


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