About Us

The CAJ is the national voice of Canadian journalists. We are committed to protecting the public’s right to know. We are dedicated to promoting excellence in journalism, from the university classroom to the national stage. The CAJ offers you a chance to take part in and continue to grow the profession you have chosen as your own.

Journalism students:

The CAJ offers you reduced registration to our workshops and conferences, tools that can enhance your journalistic education.

The CAJ offers you access to some of the best journalistic minds in the country through its list-servs.

Young journalists:

The CAJ offers you the chance to exchange ideas with those who have worked in the industry for years.

The CAJ offers you opportunities to continue your journalistic education.

Journalism partners:

The CAJ offers you a national resource of interested minds.

The CAJ offers you insight into what it takes to produce high-quality journalism.

Want to contact the CAJ? Get in touch with our board of directors. Want to learn more about the organization? Follow the links below for our aims and objectives, bylaws and policies, and minutes from our annual general meetings and board meetings.

What We Do


The CAJ is the national voice of Canadian journalists. We are committed to protecting the public's right to know.


We speak on behalf of journalists and in support of the highest quality journalism.


Our annual awards program recognizes the best in Canadian journalism, with a particular focus on journalism that is investigative in nature.


The CAJ's ethics advisory committee was formed to consider and provide advice on ethical issues faced by journalists through the course of the regular work. 


Edited by David McKie of CBC News' Parliamentary bureau, MEDIA is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the practice of journalism in Canada. 


The CAJ maintains and is associated with several e-mail or web-based list-servs where members and non-members can discuss issues related to journalism.