Membership Eligibility

The CAJ has an interest in ensuring those people who register as members meet the definitions of membership as defined under "Class A member" in Sec. 10 of its bylaws, which may be amended from time to time. Currently, that section reads, in part:

Class A members of the corporation shall be individuals who, as determined by the board of directors of the corporation, are Canadian, or work in Canada, or work for Canadian-owned media, and:

  • whose salary comes primarily from, or time goes principally into, journalism or;
  • are managers of media enterprises or;
  • are teachers of journalism at a recognised post-secondary program or;
  • are students enrolled in a recognised post-secondary journalism program or who work in the student media on a regular basis during the academic year.


1. Cursory verification upon registration

When someone registers via the CAJ’s web-based service, the CAJ will undertake the following steps as a cursory check of eligibility for active membership.

a) The CAJ will conduct a cursory check of the member’s information, as submitted, on various common search engines and social media sites.

i) Should this search determine the registrant meets the criteria for active membership, the registration will be approved without need to notify the registrant.

ii) Information showing the registrant’s activity dated within the past 12-24 months shall be considered as current to meet the provisions of active membership.

b) Should this cursory check not show the person meets the criteria or be inconclusive that, the record of the registration will be forwarded to the membership services committee chair (or designate) for followup.

i) The CAJ shall contact the registrant – by email is acceptable – with a standard message explaining a cursory check could not determine the person meets the eligibility criteria for active membership. The person will be provided with at least 10 business days to show they meet the criteria.

ii) Once this has been shown to the satisfaction of the membership services committee chair (or designate), the person’s registration is confirmed.

iii) If the registrant does not respond within 10 business days, the CAJ shall delete the registration and refund the registration fee using the same method of payment.

c) The membership services chair (or designate) has the ability to confer with any member(s) of the membership services committee regarding any registration referred to her/him in Sec. 1.b) prior to reaching a decision.

d) A registrant deemed ineligible for active membership retains the right to re-register when s/he is able to meet the eligibility criteria. That person can also be encouraged to consider associate membership.

2. Review of a decision under Sec. 1

If a registrant is not satisfied with the decision of the membership services chair made under Sec. 1.b) or 1.c), s/he may request a review of that decision.

a) The review shall be conducted by a minimum of three members of the CAJ executive, none of whom were involved in the original decision.

i) The CAJ president shall participate in all reviews

b) The reviewers can at their discretion review any of the information submitted by the registrant, communicate directly with the registrant to seek additional information and/or request relevant rationale from the membership services chair (or designate) who ruled the registrant did not meet criteria for active membership.

c) The decision of the reviewers shall be final and not subject to any other review or appeal.

Approved by the CAJ board: June 10, 2012; amended to reflect re-numbering of bylaw section in 2017.